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Указатель литературных источников

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3.    Documented physical abuse of children increased during the 1980s, hit a high around 1993, and has declined slighdy since then (Jones, Finkelhor, & Halter, 2006). Mental health problems, on the other hand, have continued to increase. The rate of psychopathology is higher in young people today than it was for people of the same age in the past (Kessler et al., 2005).
4.    O’Connor, Hetherington, Reiss, & Plomin, 1995. There is now good evidence (Reiss, 2000) that differences in parental behavior are indeed a response to preexisting differences in the children. See Appendix 2.
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9.    Here I waved my hands at the problem of why identical twins, reared in the same home, differ from each other. It is not an easy problem to solve, as I discovered while writing No
Two Alike.
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